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Effectively Managing Transportation Challenges with SAP TM

Effectively Managing Transportation Challenges with SAP TM

Today's complex global supply chains present unique transportation management difficulties. By addressing key issues like visibility, planning and compliance, SAP TM enables organizations to streamline operations and gain a strategic advantage.

Increasingly Intricate Supply Chain Networks

With suppliers located worldwide and customers everywhere, coordinating transportation networks is no trivial task. One industry analysis found the average large company now relies on over 50 carriers and interfaces with over 150 trading partners daily. Without integrated technology, the administrative costs of managing these vast networks can hamper profitability.

Critical Need for Real-Time Shipment Insight

Customer expectations for faster deliveries and up-to-date tracking put pressure on shippers to proactively monitor every movement. Research revealed that nearly 80% of supply chain executives rank visibility as a top priority, yet less than 25% have adequate capabilities. Issues from lack of insight include delayed fulfilment, inefficient routing, and damaged customer relationships.

Optimizing Operations Amid Rising Expenses

Transportation costs rose over 30% in the last 5 years alone, inflating already tight budgets. Strict regulations around safety, security and environmental compliance introduce further complexity. The large retailers spend millions annually on logistics non-compliance penalties.

SAP TM's Comprehensive Functionality

SAP's transportation management solution integrates planning, execution and analytics across all modes and partners. Key capabilities include: 

  • Centralized shipment tracking from order to delivery
  • Data-driven optimization of rates, carriers and routes
  • Automated compliance with regulations and documentation
  • Advanced forecasting and resource scheduling 

Expert Project Management 

Trusted SAP partner SIRYOS offers end-to-end TM implementation services. With deep technical skills and industry experience, SIRYOS handles requirement analysis, solution design, custom configuration, data migration, training and go-live support to ensure project success.

Contact SIRYOS today to learn how SAP TM can empower your organization with world-class transportation management.


By Sirine Ben Younes

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